Dr. Lovett Weems, president of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership, suggests a church congregation needs to revisit its vision of ministry every 5-10 years. In the fall of 2006 Dr. Weems led us in a day of discernment as we crafted a very simple mission statement for our community at Pleasant Grove.

We exist to be the body of Christ in the world.

The question is always how to fulfill this mission given the ever-changing dynamics of a church community, so in the fall of 2013 we undertook the task of re-visiting the vision of how we might be the body of Christ in the world at this point in our history.

To achieve this we embarked on an ambitious adventure in visioning. We wanted to answer a very simple and fundamental question: “What should Pleasant Grove look like over the course of the next five to seven years if it is to be the body of Christ?” Much had changed at Pleasant Grove since the last time we asked that same question. For more than a year we worked to answer this question from both a detailed as well as macro perspective. It was decided to approach this effort by the formation of three action teams: Programs, Relationships, and Generosity Team, Facilities Team, and Organization and Staffing Team.

Download the VISION 2014 Report to Congregation and VISION 2014 Supporting Documents for more details about each aspect of the PGUMC Vision.