About Our Program
Our dedicated and qualified staff prides itself in meeting the needs of the whole child, by planning and implementing developmentally appropriate activities and learning experiences in a safe, healthy, interactive environment.   Language and literacy skills, math and science, social studies, art and music are integrated into our curriculum.  We balance each day with outdoor play, teacher directed activities, and center time; each classroom is set up into learning centers where children are given time and space to explore and play.  Children become problem solvers, independent learners, and gain self-confidence as they move from center to center.  Trusting relationships with adults are formed as the teachers respect individual needs, and set clear, consistent limits about acceptable behavior.  We follow the guidelines set forth by the NAEYC, The National Association for the Education of Young Children, and by the Foundations: Early Learning Standards for the State of North Carolina.  Teachers are trained yearly in CPR and First Aid, and also attend various Early Education workshops and seminars.

Parent Involvement

We have an open-door policy; parents are always welcome and encouraged to volunteer as much as possible.

Preschool Office: (919) 787-1652