9:45AM The Grove (Weekly Communion)

The Grove is an “alternative” worship experience.  It gathers in the church fellowship hall each Sunday morning at 9:45, and for the next hour, folks share their lives as they strive to ground their community in the grace of God.  There are elements of The Grove that make it non-traditional.  There are videos and popular music.  There are chairs, not pews.  There is coffee everywhere, and food is not a rare occurrence.  We are very casual.  The home grown live music inspiring.  The more traditional elements of a worship service can be found at The Grove, as well.  We have candles, lots of candles.  We have scripture readings and a homily.  We share our joys and concerns with one another followed by a time of prayer.  Each time we gather we circumscribe our lives with holiness as we celebrate the sacrament of communion.  We are an eclectic group.  We come from many traditions and no tradition.  At The Grove we are attempting to carve out a new tradition, and we need you.