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Young Disciples Class

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January 17 - Pre-K through 2nd Grade

Jesus Welcomes Children


Ask: Have you ever felt like no one was paying attention to you or you were being ignored? Maybe you raised your hand and didn’t get called on? Maybe you felt like your younger sibling was getting more attention than you?

Focus: Jesus loves everyone...and pays attention to us.


Younger: A long time ago when Jesus lived on the earth, people didn’t think kids were as important as grown-ups. It was as if the grown-ups didn’t want to see them. But Jesus saw the children! There was a time when Jesus was preaching and the disciples yelled at the parents bringing their kids saying, “Take those kids away! Jesus is doing something important right now!” But Jesus told the children to stay, and told his disciples and the crowd that grown-ups can learn from kids about how to love God.

Older: Luke 18:15-17

Reflection: Jesus sees you. There’s not a moment in your day Jesus forgets about you or shuffles you aside because you are just a kid. To Jesus there is no such thing as “just” a kid. Back when Jesus was on earth, leaders like Jesus usually ignored kids and talked with just their parents. But when his disciples tried to shoo away children, Jesus told them to knock it off. Not only did Jesus want to spend time with children, he wanted his disciples to be more like them. More like you. He wanted them to trust him like children trusted him. To turn to him like children turned to him. To be his friends like children were his friends. This week, practice your welcoming skills! Look someone in the eye, smile, and say, “I’m glad to see you!”

Prayer: Jesus, help us to pay attention to and love everyone! Amen.


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