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April 18- Pre-K through 2nd Grade

God Sends Manna and Quail from Heaven


Ask: Build a pathway or road out of blocks, rocks, or string. Tell about a time you walked or rode a bike on the path. Where did it take you? Who was with you? We can trust that God is with us no matter where a path takes us.

Focus: God guides us...and gives us what we need.


Younger/Older: The Israelites were free from Egypt, but now they were living in the desert. They started complaining to Moses, “Why did you lead us into the desert?” They grumbled, “We’re hungry, and there’s no food.” “God is with us, and God knows what we need,” said Moses. That evening, quail flew into the camp. The people caught and cooked the quail. Everyone had enough to eat. The next morning, they saw thin, flaky stuff all over the ground. The people called the flakes “manna,” and they ate it like bread. God continued to provide food and water for the people in the wilderness. 

Reflection: Kids should either write or share the following

  1. Adjective that describes God (2) Favorite food (3) Favorite game to play (4) Least favorite chore (5) Positive adjective (6) verb (7) Your nickname

Psalms (prayers and songs) are found in the Bible to remember God’s faithfulness and remember how God guides and provides. Using the words from above, fill out your own Psalm. Oh God, you are so [1]. Thank you for all you’ve done for me. You give me [2]. You help me play [3]. Even when I have to [4], I know you’re with me. You’re [5]! I will [6] to tell everyone how you guide me so faithfully. Love, your friend [7]. 

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the food I’ll eat today, and thanks for the way you guide and provide for me. Amen.


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