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May 9- Pre-K through 2nd Grade

God Tells The People How to Build a Tabernacle


Ask: See how tall a tower you can build with plastic spoons (or real spoons), but not by nesting them. In today’s Bible story, God’s people built something that was planned and designed by God. What things do you like to build and create?

Focus: God guides us...and gives us work to do.


Younger: “Moses,” said God, “I want the people to build a special place where they can go to worship me. Each person has an important role to play as you build it.” The place of worship was called the Tabernacle. It was like a very large tent. Every time the people moved to a new place, they took the Tabernacle with them. God told them to make a special gold box called the ark of the covenant. They put the Ten Commandments inside the box.

Older: See Kidzone Bible Story

Reflection: What are you good at? Maybe you’re a rock-star soccer player or a talented artist. Maybe you’re good at making people smile or an expert bed-maker. Whomever you are and whatever you do, God will guide you as you use your talents to brighten the world around you. God guided the Israelites as they used their skills and resources to build the Tabernacle--a beautiful place to worship God.

Prayer: Mighty God, help us use our skills and resources to worship you. Amen.