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Crafting with Cathy

Handprint Butterfly


We were low on art supplies, but pick bright colored paper, jewels, whatever when decorating your butterflies after tracing your hands.

Button Easter Egg


Use buttons to create your own Easter Egg art.

Paintable Chalk

Create your own sidewalk paint using soap!

You'll need cornstarch, water, dish soap, and food coloring. Mix about a cup of cornstarch to 2/3 cup of water. Add a teaspoon of soap and food coloring.   Grab your paint brush!

If you want the paint to last for future paint sessions, microwave it for 30 seconds.   You want the cornstarch to semi-gel.   The top of the paint will get a ring of harder looking stuff around it while still having liquid pooled in the center.   You will need to remix it to work any clumps out and the paint should have a gel-like consistency which has a longer shelf-life.


Take a picture of their completed masterpieces and send it to me at


Nature Bracelets

Adults, cut a piece of duct tape long enough to go around your child’s wrist, yet loose enough to remove. Generally, if you fit the tape to your child’s fist, it will easily slide on and off.


Now, attach the tape backwards around your child’s wrist, so the sticky side is on the outside. 

It's time to get outside and discover! As you meander, have your little one collect natural objects to stick to the bracelet. Take a moment to talk about the objects they’ve chosen and why.


Keep on walking and exploring until their bracelet is filled with treasures or interest wanes.


Prayer Corner Cross

You can glue or tie popsicle sticks together or two sticks from outside together.

Wrap them with yarn or ribbon, or paint them your favorite color. Make it as simple or decorated as you wish. I wrapped mine!

I wanted my cross to stand up so, I found a  plastic lid in my recycle bin, filled it with play-dough and pushed my cross into the dough to create a base.


Thread pipe cleaners with beads and then twist together to form a cross.



Help your child discover his/her creativity by using recyclables!

First collect items from your recycling bin; bottle caps, cardboard tubes, empty oatmeal box, etc.

With the help of some glue, stapler, or tape (An adult's help will be needed with hot glue or scissors) encourage him/her to use their imagination to create or invent something using these items. Young children may want to make a collage, while elementary-aged children may create elaborate designs.


Take a picture of their completed masterpieces and send it to me at


Pollen Art

Staying at home with two grandchildren last week, found me using our time outside as teachable moments. We couldn't help but notice all the pollen on everything. As the boys (3 and 11) were enjoying playing with squirt bottles filled with water, we soon discovered puddles forming in the driveway.


We used the pollen that was floating on top of the puddles and formed swirly designs by squirting more water on it. As they blew on it, stirred it with a was an instant art activity as well as a science lesson!


*Seasonal Allergies may prevent you from trying this fun activity. The boys showered when we returned inside.

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